The band

Bangin’ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet creates music to explore, challenge and renew jazz.

Bangin' is a family. All four members are from the same village and some have been living together since childhood. Four years ago they formed the group. Since then they have released two albums. Their debut album led them to win a Danish Music Award as "The New Danish Jazz Artist 2014’. They have toured in West Africa, Russia and Norway besides several concerts in Denmark. Now they are looking forward to release their third album in cooperation with Gilad Hekselman as artistic producer.

They are combining jazz, hiphop and afro, creating a new original sound.

"From the first moment I heard these guys, I could tell they were dealing with very original, individual music that has some influences, but mainly a unique sound and aesthetic of its own. This music is adventurous, daring, honest, and groovy!" – Gilad Hekselmann

“There is so much music out there today and the task of getting a unique sound and Identity is harder then ever. In this ocean of music this band has managed to create such a strong voice and Identity! I am proud of their music and honest search of their voice.” – Ziv Ravitz

Frederik Emil Bülow

drummer / composer

Born in Silkeborg 1991. Studies Nordic Master In Jazz (Nomazz),  and is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and is going to study in Helsinki during the fall.

He has a bachelor degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus,. On the 5. Term of the bachelor he went to study at Codarts’ Jazz department in Rotterdam.

Frederik Emil Bülow has played with names as: Stefan Lievestro, Juraj Stanik, Alain Blesing, Uffe Steen, Christian Vuust, Live Foyn Friis, Christian Balvig, Jens Christian Kwella, Jens 'Chappe' Jensen, Johan Toftegaard Knudsen, Torben Bjørnskov and many others.

The jazz reviewer of the Magazine Jazz Special, Peter Rahbek writes, in connection to the latest release from BBNJQ:

”Talented Frederik Bülows resilient and highly dynamic drumming connects in a new way traditional rock-like 2- and 4 - stroke with the light and wild dancing, as the older generation remember from drummers such as Jack DeJohnette and Jon Christensen . Yes, there are just polyrhythm behind it all. Frederik Bülow delivers play-technically difficulties, like the most natural thing in the world. "

Adrian Christensen

bass / composer

A Taurus, born in 1992 the year of the water monkey, son of no less than two ballet dancers and raised in ‘Village of the year 2012' (formerly known as Vrads). He is a rising bassist nationally, and internationally. As co-leader of bands like Bangin 'Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet and Abekejser, he helps to draw especially jazz in new directions. But he is not afraid to take new challenges and get acquainted with new genres.

"He talks through his Afro-inspired ostinatos that stands chiseled in the soundstage. It is talkin’ bass on a bold and exiting level while stable and easy to feel the pulse in. I would posit that Adrian Christensen here brings a new dimension to what Hugo Rasmussen originally supplied with Dørge And The Jungle Orchestra.

Christensen has a very modern jazz sound and lots of Afro behind his drive. "- Peter Rahbek (Jazz Special - November 2015)

Jon Døssing Bendixen

piano / composer

Born in 1992 and raised on the countryside in the community Toustrup Mark. Here he met his friend and band member Mikas Bøgh in the age of three years, and they have since been inseparable. The music came with his mother’s milk as both mother and father was musicians and formers of the band Sorten Muld. There was always a piano at home and with a father who could easily teach a few songs, it was naturally to hit the piano in an early aged. 

Since then he has developed into a great talent , released three albums and made his name on the Danish jazz scene. He acts as band leader / co- leader and composer in bands like Bangin ' Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet, Abejekser and Frost. Jon's style of play is characterized by influences from around the world. Love for West African music, odd time signatures and the American jazz tradition give him a personal and original expression.

Mikas Bøgh Olesen

guitar / composer

Born in 1993, and therefore the band's youngest member. He started playing guitar at the aged of 5, on the instigation of his older brother who lacked a guitarist in his band. The band was called Knold og tot, but was never signed and sadly no longer exits. Since 2013 Mikas have been shuttling between West Africa and Aarhus. He has lived in Bamako, Mali, where he studied music, language and worked with some of this era's greatest African artists. Here among Sekou Kouyate, Salif Keita and Amadou and Mariam.

Mikas has many names in Africa. In Boboland they call him Calabas (a bowl you use as percussion instrument or to drink wine from) in Bamako they call him Farafi (the black) and in Senegal they call him Mousse (the intelligent). Mikas way of playing music is heavily inspired by West African music, but also bear the imprint of his love for hip hop and hard pumped electronic music.